Hope International Ministries

Ablaze Brisbane’s 9th Anniversary

On 26 February 2016, Ablaze Service, the youth service of Hope Church Brisbane, celebrated its 9th birthday. This year’s theme was “Vision to Crossover” which was in line with the church’s overall vision of “Crossover”.

Like all good birthday parties, the event kicked off with a massive feast as members and visitors alike were blessed with a buffet dinner. It was a great time of fellowship as everyone ate together and shared life together. Soon, we were all ushered in to kick off the party. It began with a blast from the past – old videos and photos of Ablaze Service in its infancy, including some of the older hairstyles of our members!

After an energetic Praise and Worship session, Ablaze’s youth pastor, Pastor Torch, shared his sermon from Exodus 14:13-18 – the story of how the Israelites crossed over the Red Sea. He shared about how there will be times in our lives where our faith will be tested. However, it’s in those times where God’s glory will be revealed as we choose to move forward for Him.

The night ended as it began: with more nostalgia as members, old and new, shared about what Ablaze meant to them. It was a reminder that Ablaze Service is more than just church, but a family and God’s vehicle for everyone to cross over.

Written by Trung Tang, Hope Church