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Hope Melbourne: Mission Trip to Halls Creek


Recently, I was blessed to be accompanied by Alan Ho and family in visiting Halls Creek in Western Australia on a mission to bless our Aboriginal friends. I was asked to be a guest speaker by another Indigenous Pastor at their conference called “The Desert Shall Bloom.” I would like to share 8 important lessons I learned about missions and God’s leading by applying Acts 16 as a template: 

  • God leads us naturally into His mission as we adopt a “they follow the lamb wherever He goes” mindset (see Acts 16:7-9)
  • We will only go if we make ourselves available to go when God calls (Acts16:10; Alan and Jessie’s obedience to respond to God’s sudden leading was commendable)
  • Missions is far more effective with traveling companions (Acts16:6; Enhanced ability to connect and minister with a team!!)
  • People get saved when the gospel is preached and we go where God wants us to be (We saw this. Acts 16:14)

  • We often complain of being too busy in life; there is actually enough time provided we are busy with God’s priorities. (Acts 16:10)
  • Missions lead to greater empowerment of our spiritual life as the spirit leads and takes control in our weakness (Acts16:25-29)
  • Missions happen because we hear God speaking in various ways; that empowers us by the spirit to represent the Father. (Acts16:10)
  • Missions lead to souls saved and churches started. Pray for our contacts to lead to this in God’s time…Note: Paul started churches from the converts he gathered (see letter to Philippians).

God bless you all and I trust that you will consider going for missions in 2015. We must always remember we are truly aliens and strangers having our true heavenly address in Christ. That helps us recalibrate our priorities.

What do we learn from the missions of Paul the apostle? Let us pray. We need to map out our land and have a plan to go, while at the same time, allowing God to lead us. Then, things will happen. Mission starts with drawing on the Father’s heart. Does this sharing resonate with anyone?

Bless you all.

Ps. Mark Rusic
Hope Melbourne