Hope International Ministries

March 2015: The “God Factor”

Hi HIM Family! Happy 2015! We have just started the year 2015 and it is already March now. We had our Global Conference in Bangkok in January 2015. We themed it “Family”, so that we would get together to understand the importance of being both a local family and yet also a global family. We had a wonderful session and wonderful time with our guest speaker as well, Larry Kreider, from the United States. They were many who participated and I must say, we all went away with really a great sense of holding together as a global family. 

A growing local and global community 

I want to encourage us to really continue this throughout 2015 and for the many years ahead of us: that we work together, both strongly as a local family plus, being able to be united together and treasure being a global family of churches, where we are continuing to plant churches all over the world, to be able to see that happen as a reality in our movement. I am also happy to report that in our January 2015 conference, we had various reports from our churches around the world. It is positive: God is doing an incredible, positive work of multiplying our groups and our churches all over the world. We have exciting churches happening, in India, in Africa, in Europe, in places that, would surprise us. God is beginning to open up contacts and I believe this year and the next few years to come, we are going to see God really opening more places for us as well. I would like to continue to encourage us with these few years (the last 5-6 years), that we have seen God working.

The “God Factor” in ministry  

I want to share with us this year in 2015 about the ‘God Factor’. I would like all of you to continue to believe with us that God’s hands, both visible and invisible, will be with our local churches, building our local churches, strengthening and growing our local churches. God’s favour and factor will also be in our mission work, whereby we see God opening doors, God building contacts for us, bringing people into our churches and into our fellowship. I also believe that with the God Factor, God will bring in the provision; that where we are praying for God to supply, He would give it to us, where we are praying for resources to be given, God would give it to us. I want to believe, brothers and sisters, for this God Factor. It is not all our work: it is us, plus a big part of what God wants to do and I call it the God Factor. Would you believe together with me that God would be able to really open up this area this year and the years ahead? The God Factor would be seen in our churches and we will have testimonies. We will have amazing things to talk about, to share that God is the One that has been doing incredible work in our churches around the world and in our local churches as well.

Building the local, national and global teams 

I want to encourage us as we look into 2015, I would really like to believe that we are expecting a wonderful year, we are expecting wonderful things to happen. I personally have a lot of travels. I am going to our churches around the world. I am looking at continuing to raise up both local teams and national and global teams that would expand our movement for the next 5 to 10 years, with global leaders arising in our movement, who can champion God’s work in their regions, in their nationalities, in the places where they are having such a passion and a burden for. I am believing that many more wonderful things would happen in 2015.

God bless you, until the next time I communicate with you again. Bye.

Pastor Simon Eng
HIM President