Hope International Ministries

December 2015: Immanuel

Hi, HIM! It’s Christmas time and we’re coming to the close of 2015. I would like to share this Christmas and New Year message with all of us. 

I looked at the Bible, and I found in Matthew 1:24, where it talks about the virgin prophesied in Isaiah. “The virgin shall conceive and she shall bear a son. His name shall be called Immanuel, meaning God with us.”

I want to share with us about this Immanuel, this Name, God with us. God dwelling among us. You know it’s such a wonderful thing when we have God dwelling with us. I want us to close the year and begin the New Year with this reflection. Take God’s presence with us, because He is going to be with us. God’s presence being with Moses, enabled them to cross the Red Sea and to enter into the Promised Land. God’s presence with Nehemiah, enabled him to overcome all the obstacles and complete the project in record time. God’s presence and the power of the Holy Spirit enabled the Church in the book of Acts to expand God’s work, to multiply God’s work, and thousands upon thousands of people came into the Kingdom of God. God’s presence being with Paul, enabled him to plant churches and to go on mission trips.

Church, as we come to this year end, and beginning of 2016, I want to encourage us to take time to dwell on this assurance for ourselves – GOD IS WITH US. He is certainly dwelling in us, and dwelling among our people. As we take time to reflect upon this, I am sure as we launch into 2016, we will have the assurance and confidence that we are going to do even greater than what we have done last year or the years before. If we continue to dwell on this fact that God, Your presence is with me and You are with me, things are going to be very different as we advance. Our ministry, our personal lives, our strength itself is going to be strengthened by the Lord Himself.

I want to greet you with, Immanuel, God dwells with you, God is with you. Take Him, share it with our people, live it in our lives. Immanuel certainly is a great comfort to us that we are going to see God build our church, and God will continue to advance His work throughout our movement.

May God be with you through this celebration period of Christmas. May God be with you as you plan towards 2016. I am confident and looking forward with great expectations. More is going to happen, because Immanuel, God is dwelling in us. God bless you, till we communicate again the next time.

Ps Simon Eng
HIM President