Hope International Ministries

March 2016: Inheritance

Hi, HIM Family. Happy 2016! We meet again. I would like to encourage us, as we look forward to 2016. It is going to be a very exciting year. It is going to be a year that, I really believe, God is going to continue to develop our family of churches. We are going to continue to see God open up new regions, new places for us, new people that will join our family of churches.

In the beginning of the year, I was reflecting and reading Deuteronomy. I would like to share with you Deuteronomy 4:1-2. For example, if you look into those 2 verses of Scripture, God told the nations of Israel through Moses that as they obeyed the Lord, as they faithfully kept to the Word of God, God is going to bring them into their inheritance of the “Promised Land”. That stirred something in my heart, and I would like to share with you that for this year up to 2020, God is going to open up for us His inheritance for every one of us. We are going to go into our “Promised Land”. It could be new nations, it could be new churches, it could be new people, it could be new resources that God is going to lead us and bring us into our inheritance that He has promised to us. Keep that in mind, brothers and sisters, and our family of churches all around the world.

I want to encourage us to keep your heart in obedience to God. Obey His Word, obey the promises that He has already shown us. Follow God faithfully in what He desires to show to us as well. Pray, and seek the heart of God in prayer, in fasting, in seeking the direction of the Lord. Seek for the wisdom, the power and the presence of God to be with us, because He desires to lead us into those things to build the church and to build our people.

What I see in years of 2015 and up to that point, God has been really working in many of our churches around the world. The momentum of churches in Asia, in South-East Asia, is increasing. Our churches are expanding in India, in China, in South-East Asia. God is moving in Europe, God is moving in our family of churches around various regions of the world. I’m excited because as we enter into 2016, and building towards 2020, our regional pastors have excitedly planned for expansion in the next 5 years. We have excitedly looked at how we are going to develop the various regions in the world. We are looking at raising more regional pastors.

We are looking at raising, prayerfully, more elders in our movement. We are looking at how we can continue to expand HIM around the world. I’m excited, and I ask all of you to continue to pray for us, continue to look at where God is going to open up the inheritance for every one of us, I’m excited! We are going to meet soon, in Taipei, our first Global Conference for 2016. We are going to share together, we are going to plan together, we are going to look at what God is opening up for us. The theme is to “Multiply”. I pray, that as we look forward into what is the start of this year. It is going to be a huge beginning for many of us. It is going to be an opening into much more expansion for our family of churches around the world. May God be with you, may God continue to really prepare us for what is the next 5 years ahead.

God bless you all.