Hope International Ministries

Hope Brisbane: Kids Summer Club

The kids ministry took a step of faith and organized the first Kids Summer Club in Jan 2016.
The summer club happened over 2 days, during the school holidays in January. The theme for the Summer Club was “SOAR”. We want children to have faith to soar towards the call that God has for them. There was a total of 27 children and 15 volunteers over the 2 days. 

In the 2 days, we did lots of fun games and reflections, learnt about how Moses responded to the call of God, and how God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. We started off both days with a time of praise and worship, and the children had a great time praising, and soaking in God’s presence. The amazing thing is that the worship team was led by youth and children. It was their first time leading together, and everyone had a great time.

The whole heart and purpose in having this summer club is really hoping to see children grow in their relationship with God and experience Him. It is not just about fun and learning, but about creating memorable encounters with God, for the children. In the whole of the summer club, the most fulfilling thing was to see children respond to God. That was the highlight for all.

We saw at least 5 children making the decision to receive Christ into their hearts, and many other children responding to ask God to help them to start right in this new year. It was so evident that these kids just desire to want more of God.

This is the start, and there will be more. We pray that more will partner with the children’s ministry to impart the values of God to our children. They are our next generation of leaders, so join with us in prayers for the children.

Written by Joy Han, Hope Brisbane