Hope International Ministries

Hope Canberra: Outdoor Worship Concert

Hope Church Canberra’s university ministry, Hope on Campus, recently held an outdoor worship concert in the Australian National University campus. The theme of the concert was “Heaven Invades”. The objective was to proclaim the name of Jesus in the campus and provide an opportunity to fellow believers in the university a corporate time of worshipping God. 

The concert was truly a faith project in many ways. We had to go through the approval process of organising the event; it was in the middle of winter with wet weather as well as budget constraints. God’s hand and favour was upon the project all the way, and the rain literally stopped on the concert day after days of wet weather!

The concert also gained attention from the local Christian community. Patrick was invited to the local Christian radio station, Canberra’s 1 WAY FM, to talk about and promote the event. Various Christian groups in the campus also turned up to show support and worshipped together.

On concert day, even though it was on a weekday afternoon, the church members turned up in full force to prepare and participate in the running of the event. It was really encouraging to see members from the family group not only coming to support, but also helped out in ushering and ministered to people attending the concert.


The concert ran for 2 hours filled with praise and worship songs. It was such a wonderful experience lifting the name of Jesus out in the open in the middle of campus. There was also an altar call session for people to respond to God.


All in all, it was a wonderful event and we are planning for the next concert!

Patrick Ching, Hope Canberra