Hope International Ministries

Church Planting in Liberia and West Africa

Hope Waterloo gathered outside their temporal worship centre
 Words are inadequate to describe and appreciate the grace of God that surpasses everything which continually overshadow us and enable us to withstand all opposition from the kingdom of darkness. He makes us stand victoriously in advancing his kingdom program on this part of the globe. The work that started about ten years ago after the destructive war in an unfinished building and under the shadows of trees, can now be counted as a growing ministry, planting churches within the country Liberia and around West Africa.

Hope Gbarnga, the central and mother church of all the growing churches, is centrally located. It is found in the heart (the middle or centre) of Liberia, making it easy to reach out to other fifteen (15) countries and to gather pastors, church workers and leaders for training without many problems.

The photo below is the current building where we worship from under the tree and in an unfinished building to where we are now. Though this building is not yet completed, but we do have service, conferences and training in it.

Hope Gbarnga Central Church (outside view).
Hope Gbarnga Central Church (interior view)
 After the visit of Ps. Brendan Kirby, who served as the connecting and strong pillar to the establishment of Hope International Ministries in this part of the globe in February 2008, I moved to Foya District, Lofa County, which is my home town and started a new church in an old structure and later constructed a temporal structure on a rented land with reefs and tarpaulin.
Hope Foya Church at the beginning about eight years.

Thereafter, I moved to Monrovia, the country’s capital city, where I met with a pastor who joined me with few of his members and few of my members from the camp. We started a church in a rented school building, where we met only on Sunday, but thank God they are now worshiping in their own building.

During Pastor Brendan’s second visit, we had a night crusade in Voinjama and we started a new church with the new converts who gave their lives during the crusade the following day.

Today, this work has expanded to Guinea with 3 churches, Sierra Leone with 3 churches, Liberia with 10 churches and Benin with 1 church. I am heading to Togo to hopefully start work by September this year.

Below are photographs of churches and their location:

Hope Guinea Church interior view during the teaching
March during Bi-Annual Conference in the City of Gbarnga
The gowning ceremony of Ps. Simon as a sign of appreciating his hard work in affecting the lives of the West African pastors and leaders of Hope West Africa

Welcoming ceremony of Ps. Simon and his wife at the Bi-Annual Conference in Gbarnga City Liberia. This ceremony is done in honour of Ps. Lai Eng first time in Liberia West Africa to celebrate our Bi-Annual Conference

Ps. Simon Eng praying for pastors at the ordination of the West African
Ps. Sonny praying for new converts at crusade in Tubugissizu Voinjama District, Lofa County


Ps. Simon Eng preaching at Hope Gbarnga during the Bi-Annual Conference of Hope West Africa.

Crusade in Freetown during Ps. Sonny mission trip in Sierra Leon to strengthen the church
and start another church.
Hope Duport Road Sara Community Monrovia – Liberia gathered outside their
temporal church building.