Hope International Ministries

The Next Level: The Final Lap of 2017

Hi, HIM family! As we are reaching October and coming to the final quarter of the year, I really want to encourage us that this year we have been learning about going to the next level. I want to exhort us and really challenge us to think about seriously – the last final lap of going to the next level.

Why is going to the next level so important? I can think of at least 3 exhortations. Jesus said, “Go, go, go! Wherever we are”. Paul said, “I press on to the mark of the high calling of God”. Peter said, “Add! Add to our faith continually so that we will not be stagnant”. These 3 great exhortations encourage us to continue to press on to the next level. So I want to encourage us as HIM family all over the world, “Let’s go on to the next level!”

Why is it so important to go to the next level? Going to the next level means we are growing, maturing, and expanding ourselves. I think it is important for us to do that. It also means that we are stretching. It means that we are increasing our capacity, either spiritually, in ministry, or in the pastoral aspect. Going to the next level means that we are actually strengthening ourselves as well.

Going to the next level also means that we are moving forward. All these therefore mean that we are not staying in our comfort zone. It means that we are not stagnant, that we are not stuck at the worst. Moving forward is so important. We are a family of churches that take on God’s vision, God’s mission in our lives, in our churches, in our life groups, and so we are determined to move forward with God, going to the next level.

I want to continue to encourage us: Let us make this our life priority, our church priority, that we will continue to go to the next level. Try something new or something different. Try! I believe God for that breakthrough. I do seriously believe in us, and I’m praying that with the strength of the Lord, with the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, and with what God is doing in us and in our family of churches, we can definitely go to the next level, all of us – individually, in our life group, in our churches, or in our ministries, because I see God’s hand, God’s favour, and the power of God with us. Therefore, I am confident that we can finish quarter four of 2017 in a victorious way, and in the might of the Holy Spirit with us. I look forward to hearing your stories, and to sharing what God is doing in our churches around the world. I believe that they are going to be encouraging testimonies and wonderful stories of what God is doing.

Have a wonderful close to 2017, and a happy and wonderful Christmas celebration as well. God bless you all!

Ps Simon Eng
HIM President