Hope International Ministries

The President’s Exhortation for 2018

Hi HIM Family, it’s great to be able to communicate with you again. We just completed our Global Leadership Summit or GLS in Chiangmai and that happened in January and hey, guess what, it’s almost end of February already. I want to remind us about a few key areas that I want you to pick up so that we will start an eventful year.

At the GLS, we taught about leadership. Ps Wilson shared about leadership. I want to encourage us to rise up and begin to lead, lead in your life group, lead in your church, lead in your region. Leadership initiates things and when leadership happens, things happen that church begins to move forward, life groups begin to move forward. It’s so important for us to rise on leadership.

The second area that I want remind us for the start of this year and really make it happen, is DOC. Ps Jeff reminded us on DOC and Ps Gordon also reminded us to move on in some of these key areas as well.

D stands for discipleship. Discipleship is a journey of moving our people from just belonging in church, but moving into being a disciple of Jesus. It’s important for us to commit ourselves to follow the ways of Jesus. Discipleship. Look into that.

O Outreach is ensuring that the church touches the community. Souls matters to us. We value the souls that are not in church, that have not known Christ and they need to hear the Good News. I want us to just really get into going out and do outreach.

C stands for Care or Connect. Care for our people to ensure that they feel the love, they know that we care for them and as a community of God’s believer together, we want to ensure that we are such a loving, loving community.

I want to encourage us, secondly, on DOC.

Ps Gordon reminded us on so many different ideas on how to move in discipleship. Be it shepherding and moving on to mentoring and fathering and so on. I want encourage us to really get into it.

Lastly, I want to remind us about this action chart that we filled in. We had this piece of paper that everyone of us enthusiastically spent two to three hours, writing these things down about personal goals and convictions, group goals and convictions. This is an important document that we need to start acting upon. The goals are listed down. Get with your group, get with your Core Team.

Begin to pray and put actions into these things. Goals remain goals. Without a process, it is just a nice goal and a nice dream. I encourage us therefore, get into this, look at it, bring it out again and get your team working on that. I want to encourage us to have a great start to the year.

Begin to lead, begin to work on DOC and put your convictions into a process. God bless you. Until the next time I talk to you again, have a wonderful start to 2018.

Pastor Simon Eng
President of HIM