Hope International Ministries

Ablaze Brisbane Youth Camp 2017 : Legacy

Gather close to 70 young people – provide them the space to be silly and have fun, the platform to worship God freely, and the opportunity to testify of His goodness and grace, and what ensues is a youth and young camp where godly encounters and genuine fellowship create more than just great memories.


From 23rd to 25th September 2017, the youth and young adults of Ablaze Brisbane held our annual camp at Mt. Tamborine. In line with this year’s theme of Legacy that Empowers, everyone stepped onto the campsite with an expectant heart to encounter God and grow in our understanding of how each person can live to leave behind a godly legacy.


Crazy games are a staple of every good youth and young adults camp – and this year’s games unleashed competitiveness and craziness to the next level! There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as seeing the youth simply be youth!

The leadership sought to empower a new generation of young people to leave a legacy of their own for Christ through Ablaze camp 2017. What better way to do so than by providing each the platform to impart wisdom and speak from their heart? Over the course of three days our leaders, leaders-in-training and high school student leaders took to the stage. Truly, it is a testament of the incredible work God has been doing in these young people who courageously shared about the journey they have walked with the Lord and the legacy they personally desire to impart.



No Ablaze camp will ever be complete without extended times of worship, prayer and mediation, to seek and encounter the presence of God. Amidst the raised hands and voices, we believe that heavenly transactions were made. It is nothing short of amazing to witness people rededicate their lives to the Lord and earnestly express their desire to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. To top it all off, we excitedly announced the official creation of our ‘Wildfire’ outreach ministry! We kick-started the initiative with a workshop where our young people learned what it means to be ignited with a passion for the lost. More importantly however, is understanding that this flame should not die with the individual but should be passed along to every subsequent generation.

It is Ablaze’s vision to disciple generations who change nations and we pray that the young people of this generation who attended the camp returned renewed, restored and reawakened.