Hope International Ministries

Ablaze Brisbane Mission Trip to Philippines

Our team of seven from Ablaze Brisbane travelled to Manila, Philippines in November 2018 to join AFJC (Ambassadors for Jesus Christ), to take part in their weekly ministries. These included: orphanages, juvenile centres, prisons, hospitals and local schools. We saw the situations people lived in – poor housing, volatile infrastructure, lack in health and safety and high unemployment. From our perspective, they seemed to lack much, but the families and children were happy and content despite their circumstances. This was a humbling reality to observe.

The team was challenged to be ready to share the Word and our testimonies whenever an opportunity presented itself. Despite language barriers, hospital patients met us with joy and sincerity that our prayers would give them hope. Children at the feeding programs and the Gospel Music Festival taught us Tagalog and were enthusiastic in interacting with us, singing ‘Baby Shark’ and playing repeated rounds of bato-bato-pick (rock-paper-scissors).

We admire AFJC for their tireless work, daily, that even at their regular crusades and feeding programs, they are relentless in their passion to spread the news of Jesus – the message of hope. They truly are Christ’s ambassadors: they preach, teach and bring the presence of God by sharing His love to many that may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience it.

Where we are, we are truly blessed. And yet, there are whole other worlds that are direct contrasts. We return having gained much ourselves. The things we saw and experienced and the people we met, continue to remind us of the truth that Jesus Christ is indeed the hope of the world. Join us in praying for the Philippines, to know the heart and strength of God that there be a David in everyone to overthrow the pressures and obstructions of a Goliath, for people in any situation to come back to Christ and gain that freedom in hope.

Written by Jien-Li Tan, Hope Brisbane Ablaze