Hope International Ministries

President’s Message: One at a Time

By Ps Wilson Lim

Hi Hope International Ministries Family! Lai Ling and I, we continue to pray for all of you in the year of 2022. Now we know that the year of 2022 will continue to have its challenges but I believe that in God, we can rise up to become overcomers. We can overcome all these different obstacles that we will be confronted with by the grace of God. God’s heart is that we be overcomers. May I encourage us to continue to rise up to that.

But also, the year 2022 offers us great opportunities to see lives being transformed everywhere. You know, I believe it is crucial for us to be involved in transforming lives everywhere and this is possible when we continue with our three foundational priorities – Win Souls, Make Disciples, Build & Plant Churches all over the world.

Let me zoom in now on making disciples. In my recent Global Sermon, I shared about the fact that we can transform lives everywhere if we are involved in mentoring. Especially if we have the goal to see 4 generations of mentors being raised up as a result of us mentoring. So imagine, if everyone of us, we just make the effort to mentor a few and all through this, we make sure we impart to them the vision and the heart to mentor others and eventually, for each one of them to see their own 4 generations. And if we do this, we can have a tremendous impact upon this world. And you might say to yourself, “How is this going to be possible?” Can I say this – I believe that every Christ follower, we can do this! And especially in HIM, we are coming up soon with the tools and the equipment to help you do just that.

Now, this brings us to the exciting announcement of the launch of our Leadership Development Programme (LDP). And this programme is going to focus on equipping pastors, core teams and leaders of groups that are under 50 (people). That would be our initial focus. In the future, we will begin to do subjects that will help those who wish to break past 100. We’re going to have 6 subjects and one of these is called “Equipping for Mentoring”, which I am going to teach with others. And this is the subject that will truly equip you in the whole area of mentoring. Can I encourage you to go to our HIM website? All the information is there. Registration is now open. And there will be 6 subjects that will be run throughout the year online. So you can enroll from anywhere around the world. So I trust that we will see you there.

May God bless you, may His peace be upon your heart in a special way this year.