Hope International Ministries

Elder’s Message: See Generations

by Ps Denis Lu

Hello everyone! I am Ps Denis from Hope Kuching and also one of the Elders in Hope International Ministries. I am so glad to have this time with all of you.

Today, I want to share something I learnt many years ago in computer class. It’s WYSIWYG. I am not sure whether or not you’ve heard of WYSIWYG. But what it means is what-you-see-is-what-you-get, that’s the computer term. But today I am not going to talk about computers, I am going to talk about vision. The vision of seeing generations.

One of the most amazing characters in the Bible I can think of is this man called Abram. Abram, his name actually was changed by God at a certain point in his life to be Abraham. Abram actually means “exalted father”. Abraham on the other hand, means “the father of multitudes”, the father of many nations. As I ponder on Abram changing to be Abraham, I see that there’s generations involved. There was a change in Abram when he had that new name, he began to see generations. I believe there was in the heart of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior when He gave us the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations. You know Jesus was seeing generations. He was seeing generations after generations in every part of the world. In the urban cities right to the rural countryside.

Now, it’s very important for us today, whether you are a pastor, or a coordinator, a leader of a life group, or a member, a follower of Jesus Christ, it is very important for us to capture what it means to see generations. So there are three things I want to share quickly.

The first is the word “expansion”. Abraham had an expansion in his vision. He had an enlargement in his heart when God gave him the new name. I pray that you will receive a new name from God not just in heaven, where we will have according to the book of Revelation, but in your spirit today, that you receive a new name from God just like Abraham did. Because that word from God, that name from God changed everything in his spirit, in his heart, in his attitude. This began to work in his perception as well and this is the second thing that I want to say.

When you receive a name change from God to see generations in your spirit, it changes your perception about yourself. Your ministry is no longer about you. Your church is not about you. It’s about generations. You know when we capture the heart of God of seeing generations, our perception changes. When we make decisions, it is no longer for ourselves. When we make decisions, it is always about how we can leverage what we have to touch and disciple generations and to reach new generations as well.

Finally, I would say that when Abraham had a name change, he received conviction. The Bible said Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness. He believed God. When we see generations and receive the same spirit, the same heart as Abraham, I really believe that our faith level will shoot to the roof. We’ll begin to see possibilities, reaching out to young people, reaching out to the community, discipling people in different ways, in ways that we have never ever imagined before.

Now friends, that brings me to a very important announcement because this is where it becomes real. How do we see generations happen? Well, in July, from 4-15 July, I want to invite you to join all of us for an amazing time of how we can be getting one with “Transforming Lives Everywhere”. 

Besides what we usually have within this time of what we call the “Global Family Week”, you know usually during Global Family Week, we’ll have Global Prayer, Global Service, we’ll also have our Pastor & Coordinator Meeting. Besides all this, actually we are going to bring it all to focus on Vision 2030, how we can achieve the vision that God has given us to reach even more generations out there.

One of the most amazing highlights is the Leaders Conference. Yes, we are going to have a Leaders Conference with a special guest speaker, Pastor Larry Kreider, from the DOVE International network of churches. He is going to share with us this very important topic of “The Cry for Spiritual Fathers and Mothers.” I think that it is a wonderful time where we can learn how to carry the heart of a father and a mother for generations.

Global Life Group is also on between 13-15 July and many of you have enjoyed times of connecting with people from all over the world. Don’t miss that. It is time to catch up with your friends somewhere else in the world. 

More information is available at our HIM website. Do go and check it out so that you don’t miss any of the goodies that are coming up. Registration link for the different things will be sent to the Pastors and Coordinators on 30 May, so do check your google mail, check and see whether it is there or in the spam section. Sometimes it happens. That is all from me today. Thank you for joining me and let us really see generations moving together, transforming lives everywhere. God bless you, God loves you. See you soon. Bye bye!