Hope International Ministries

President’s Message: Burn Brighter

by Ps Wilson Lim

Hi HIM family! As I shared in my recent Global Sermon, this is the decade for us to make a huge impact. We need to rise to the challenges of fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. As you look around the world today, you can see that the world is just sinking deeper and deeper into the darkness. They are hurling toward a Christ-less eternity, with no brakes! Instead, they seem to be latching on to a jet engine, even thinking that it will enable them to have faster progress, except it is accelerating them towards the abyss.

So, we must shine with God’s light, with greater intentionality, with greater intensity, and with greater impact. We must burn ever so brighter to repel this darkness that is increasing. We must preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must go everywhere that God leads us to so that we may be involved in transforming lives everywhere. We must save souls in this decade. Can we believe for over 100,000 souls to come to Christ?

We must make more disciples. We need to believe that we can reach even over 100,000 disciples in this decade and we can do this. If we are faithful in mentoring our people to multiply to at least four generations. If all of us aim towards that, it will bring about an exponential increase in momentum in multiplying disciples. We must also continue to plant vibrant churches, where every church becomes a hub of soul-winning and disciple-making, where we are relentlessly pushing back the darkness. I believe that we can multiply our churches to at least 3,000 locations by the end of this decade. This is possible when we rise up in faith, when we trust God, when we rely upon His grace.

If you missed my Global Sermon, then you must listen to it. You can go to our HIM website, or even YouTube to find it. I want to say that I’ve been so inspired when I heard the story of our pastor, Pastor Nkosilithi Ndolvu, in Zimbabwe. He has a heart condition called ischemic heart disease. There are many times when he’s weak and he ends up lying on his bed. But whenever he has strength, he will make sure he gets up and he goes forth, and he begins to visit his members to strengthen the church, he goes forth to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is 110% committed to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. With such people of God, surely the gospel will spread far and wide, surely souls will be won, disciples will be made and churches planted. You can be among such people, we just need to rise up in God.

That is one of the reasons why even in HIM, we continue to provide many equipping avenues to train, encourage and raise up leaders all over the world. If you haven’t done this, take a look at our HIM website for our Leadership Development Program, which is online and it’s free! We have experts sharing their hearts, sharing their knowledge, sharing their anointing. So you need to sign up, get prepared and equipped, so that you may be ready for the harvest that God is opening the doors for. May God bless you as we move together in the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, so that we may see lives being transformed everywhere. May God bless you.