Hope International Ministries

President’s Message: Small Group Big Impact – Why Does it Matter to You?

Hi, HIM family. In my recent global sermon, I shared about the importance of small groups, our life groups. You see, our life groups are the backbone of our churches. When we have healthy life groups, you have healthy churches. And truly, our life groups are where life is meant to happen, where our community life is happening.

This is where love is shared, acceptance happens, our faith is lived out, and all kinds of healing and restoration can happen. Not too long ago, there was a girl that joined our church and she came in and she had poor self-image, her self-esteem was damaged. She was struggling to relate with people.

She had many different issues happening in her life. But when she came to the life group, the life group just loved her, just accepted her, just encouraged and supported her. They were patient with her, and during the number of years she was there, she really began to be changed inside as she experienced this deep love from the members of the group as well as God’s love.
Her heart began to be mended. Her self-esteem began to grow. Her confidence in relating with others began to develop, and so she blossomed and truly it was an amazing change and transformation in her life. Small groups, our life groups can have a tremendous impact on people’s lives.

Yeah, that’s true friends. You know, life groups itself are places where people do life together. And I remember a time when there was this international student, she was on a bicycle riding into the university and unfortunately she injured herself badly due to a fall from her bike. And it took nearly a month for her to recover. And during this month itself, all the different members of her life group came together to help her because she had no family here. She was all by herself.

But it was amazing to see the life group working together, teaming up together. Different ones, rostering themselves to help cook meals for her as she was really injured badly and recuperating at home after she was back from hospital. And then there were some of her friends who went to the lectures so that they could take down notes for her and helped her to keep track with her studies as well. And there were those who rostered themselves to come in to do some simple household duties to make life more amenable for her. And it’s wonderful when you see an entire life group itself working towards the same purpose, that they showed the love of Christ, that they showed the support and the care.

And through that it transformed this young believer’s life because she could see that people are exemplifying the life and the qualities of Christ into her life. And through that she was so blessed and through that she grew and really began to even share of her testimony of how God came through for her through her life group, as well as in healing her fully and completely.
Amen. So you see, life groups can be such a special community where we can do life together, God’s way. Life groups can be so impactful to people’s lives. It can be a place where souls come to Christ, where disciples are made and the groups can multiply and grow in its impact into larger and larger groups.

So I really want to encourage you to invest into your life groups, to contribute into your life group, because as you contribute, you can help your life group become the best that it can be. And so, I truly want to encourage you because healthy life groups lead to healthy churches. Amen. So let’s do it all together.
God bless all of you. God bless.