Hope International Ministries

Journeying with Hope Nepal

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, Pastors Simon, Lai Eng, and Kit Siang recently embarked on a pastoral visit to Nepal from February 26th to March 4th, 2023. During their visit, a leadership gathering was held from February 27th to March 2nd in Kathmandu, Nepal, with the aim of reconnecting, retooling, and recharging the pastors and leaders who had attended. Despite some attendees travelling up to 18 hours by road, leaders from all over Nepal made it to the meeting, which had been long-awaited. Encouragingly, all of our churches have remained strong and continued to grow in numbers despite the pandemic.

At the leaders’ meeting, the attendees updated their plan for the “Hope Nepal Vision 2030” initiative, which includes the establishment of 25 churches, 50 life groups, and 500 disciples. Furthermore, three returnees from Malaysia expressed their eagerness to pioneer and become part of the HIM family. The meeting concluded with the appointment of three new pastors for Hope Nepal, giving us even more reason to praise God for the amazing work He is doing in Nepal!