Hope International Ministries

Ignite Moment

It’s been three whole years since our last camp due to the pandemic. As such, the objectives of the camp were to empower young generations to cultivate the lives of a strong disciple and to ignite their passion for Jesus, for their own generations and for all the generations to come. This camp was jointly organised by Hope Kuching Ablaze and Hope Kota Samarahan, and we opened it to different centres of Sarawak to join the camp. The camp theme this year was ‘Generations’ and invited speakers were from the Heart of God Church, Singapore. We gathered together in Borneo Tribal Village from 9 to 12 March 2023. We witnessed how God moved and touched lives as around 120 campers from different Hope churches (Hope Kuching, Hope Kota Samarahan, Hope Sibu, Hope Sarikei) and the Heart of God Church Singapore. 

Some of the highlights were the Cat City Olympics where all the campers would gather in their own teams and play all the different station games in order depending on the station cards that have been given to each team. Most of the games required teamwork and some strategizing such as the balloon train where the team members who were playing had to move carefully and together as a team to prevent the balloon from falling and exploding. It was observed that there was good teamwork among all the teams and relationship building through this.

Another highlight was Cat City, where everyone was given an identity card and different jobs where they had to survive by buying their necessities such as food, clothes and shelter. However, there was a catch where during life checks, depending on the number they roll using the dice, they could eventually die or catch an illness or even win cash prizes. This made things very interesting for many as it felt like it simulated real life accurately despite just being a game. 

Through sharings, group discussions, and personal reflection time, the campers were able to gain a better understanding of their unique calling and how they could use their talents and abilities to serve God and others. The camp also emphasised the importance of recognizing that every person is valuable and loved by God, regardless of their circumstances or background. Through small group sessions and one-on-one conversations, the campers were able to gain a greater appreciation for their own value and to see the value in others as well.

The final topic that was discussed at the camp was “Ignited Moments in God”. This topic focused on the importance of experiencing God’s presence and power in our lives. Through times of worship, prayer, and personal reflection, the campers were encouraged to seek after God and to allow Him to work in their lives in powerful ways. Many young people experienced a renewed sense of passion and purpose as they encountered God in new and meaningful ways.

There was also an altar call session and many responded to the different messages spoken and felt God’s presence and touch. We ended the night with the campers gathering in their own units for discussion by sharing about what they have received and learnt throughout the whole camp. 

Overall, the Generations Camp was a powerful and transformative experience for all who attended. The campers left with a deeper understanding of their purpose, a greater appreciation for their own value, and a renewed passion for Jesus and for serving Him. As these young people go out into the world, they will be equipped to make a positive impact on their generation and on all generations to come.