Hope International Ministries

President’s Message: Christmas 2023 & New Year Message

Hi HIM Family, it’s so wonderful to be able to share with you some things on my heart. Pastor Simon and I, with our spouses, Lai Ling and Lai Eng, were so blessed when we were in Germany recently. We were in a weekend conference and we met with many house church leaders from within Germany and different places around.

And what was exciting is just the presence of God that was there during the worship and just to hear the stories and testimonies from different people, how their lives were being touched and inspired during that time. I remember one couple from Bulgaria. And they shared with us that during the conference, during the worship, God really touched their hearts and spoke to them.

God really did something fresh to revive their hearts. And another leader was sharing with us how much he was just inspired by the teaching, how much God spoke to him through the prophetic words, how much he was encouraged by seeing the things that was happening in our midst. So we had an incredible time in Germany. What a blessing. We’re looking forward to more happening amongst our European churches.

Can I also say that the time to watch Christmas is approaching and we all know this is such a special time as we rejoice and celebrate together the coming of Christ unto our planet earth. And while we celebrate, can I remind us to really pray for our friends and relatives and colleagues, and even our neighborhoods.
Let’s really pray that the light of Christ will continue to spread forth. Pray that God will give us an opportunity to share with people, that people will turn to Christ at this time. This is such a glorious opportunity because during Christmas, many people are willing to come to church or different activities of the church. This is the time and the season for people to be touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ. So let’s believe together for that.

Also coming very soon, turning around the corner is 2024, and I’m looking forward to an exciting new year. I’m believing God, that in the new year we are going to see the hand of God move in deeper and greater ways. That we are going to see more lives being transformed, that we are going to see more lives being touched by the gospel of Jesus Christ and we’re going to see more churches being planted and that will be really exciting.

Can I remind us that we’re going to have a Global Family Week on the 15th to the 21st of January. And during that time, we’re going to have a time of Global Prayer. So we’re going to open up an online prayer time. I do want to give you a personal invitation to join us together across the globe. We’re going to have many people joining in to pray. We need to pray because the power of prayer is so important. If we’re going to believe for God to move in the midst of our churches and our own lives, we need to gather together to pray. So I encourage you, join us, put the time aside. I know for some of you, it may be really late at night, but this will be such a powerful time.

And of course, at the conclusion of this Global Family Week, we will have our global sermon as well. And some of us leaders, we will gather together online as well. So please let’s look forward to that. Set that time aside. And I believe in God that it’ll be such a special time together with you. May God bless you in this coming period. May the hand of God cause His blessings and anointing be upon your lives. God bless all of you.