Hope International Ministries

Beyond Borders in Africa

Hi, thank you for joining us for another quick update on what’s happening in Hope Southern and Eastern Africa. We’re going to go country by country and a quick update on what is happening mostly with the churches this time. 

In Zimbabwe, we have two different groups. One group is led by Pastor Nengamasha in the capital city of Harare. This year, they’ve been going really strong in the beginning of two new life groups.  And the new leaders, we’re also hoping that some of these new life groups will begin new churches as well. Down in the southwest, we have the city of Bulawayo. Now, Ps Nkosolithi is doing amazing work. Not only is he leading the churches that he himself has pioneered, but he’s also going into other cities and bringing the leaders with him to pioneer new churches in those other cities.

Three life groups were started this year in Ndiske. Three new churches in Cheguto, Rangemore and Insuza, two new churches begun there. On top of doing all that, he was able to have two church conferences throughout the year. Pray for Pastor Nkosolithi and for his wife. Fisiwe and Nkosolithi this year and in previous years have been really struggling with their health. Nkosolithi with his heart health and his wife with high blood pressure. We want to pray for this couple to be healed, to be strengthened and empowered so they can go and continue this amazing expansion of the kingdom of God in Zimbabwe. And as they start to reach across the borders into other neighboring countries as well.

Mozambique, we’re seeing two groups starting to really expand really well. In the northwest,  our friend Alberto is doing a great job planting churches throughout the country. Nine new churches this year. Amazing work. They also were able to build a new building, which we’re hoping to be a training center for raising up more and more church planters.

We hope that in the future, we might even be able to start a new school in that new building as well. During the rainy season, we typically expect a lot of flooding and that flooding can often destroy the churches because the churches are not built the same way that we’d expect. These churches are often clay brick and they can often be washed away during a flood. So please pray that the physical church structures can withstand the rainy season. Now also pastor Alberto is overseeing our churches that have come under his care in Malawi. Pray that this year we’ll be able to do some conferences and leadership training together. 

In the southwest region of Mozambique, we have another group of churches in the Manica province underneath the care of Manera. Manera has started five churches in the southwest region. Within those churches, we’re also starting a school. And we’ve started a sponsorship program where people are now sponsoring each individual child. So not only are they getting an education, but they’re also getting a daily meal in school as well, which really helps with their nutrition, their ability to think well in school. 

Uganda is doing amazing things. They have a lot of these life group churches that are becoming churches in many different areas in the nation. We’re seeing very strong growth and seeing souls saved, disciples made, leaders raising up and those leaders going and starting more life groups. 

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for those that have been supporting us financially.

Thank you for those people that continue to give us encouraging words, prophecy and just generally encouragement. We pray that you’ll continue to pray with us. We ask that you continue to financially support us. We pray that you’ll also be able to join us in future teams. We have a team joining us for Easter in 2024. And we pray that you will be able to come and join us for future missions teams into Southern Africa and into East Africa. We love you. Once again, bless you. Talk to you soon.