Hope International Ministries

Experience the Heart of the HIM Family

This is the HIM Family! We’re a global family of churches united by our mission to fulfill the Great Commission together. By 2030, we envision a thriving global community of 100,000 multiplying disciples and vibrant churches in 3,000 locations. Our heartbeat? Transforming lives everywhere!

Our new video captures what makes us special as a global family. You’ll see how our global family transcends cultures and languages, bringing us closer as brothers and sisters. This video isn’t just about us—it’s about you. It’s about being part of a family that cares deeply for one another and believes in making a real difference in the world.

Watch the video, get inspired, and share it with others. Together, we can transform lives everywhere for the glory of God!

For more details on Vision 2030, visit https://www.byhim.org/vision-2030/