Hope International Ministries

Hope Indonesia Camp 2016

The 2016 Hope Indonesia Church Camp (HICC) was held at Bumi Tapos Resort, Ciawi from September 9th till 12th. There were over a hundred of us joining this camp. The participants of the camp were made up of brothers and sisters from Hope Jakarta, Hope Bandung, Hope Johor Bahru, Hope Batu Pahat, Hope Kota Samarahan and Hope Brisbane.


We had a wonderful time of ice breaking games on the first afternoon and splashing time of water games in another afternoon session. God had answered our prayers for a great and conducive weather. It was fun and a good time of fellowships for us.


Pastor Lai Ling together with her team of three of Brisbane were there to minister to us through the various workshops, teachings on the intimacy with God, spiritual activations and prayers. The three who came with Pastor Lai Ling were Adam Lew, Doris and Sunita. In one of the night session, the prayers and ministering by Pastor Lai Ling with her team, Pastor Kwong Lie and Pastor Swee Min even finished at around 2 in the morning! God had used them powerfully and prophetically to minister to us.


Pastor Kwong Lie shared with us on the Father’s heart through the story of the prodigal son. It was very liberating knowing the truth that our Father in Heaven loves us and accepts us unconditionally.


On the last night, we had a camp fire. There were celebrative songs, dances and games. We also witnessed the night sky filled with a splendid display of fireworks.

There were numerous testimonies from the participants on how God had spoken, encouraged, healed and ministered through them especially in the times of spiritual activations and prayers.

The theme for this camp was “MORE” and indeed after joining this camp we were left with a burning desire to experience God more through an intimate relationship with Him and to put into action the areas that we had responded to God throughout the camp.


The camp has set off great ripples of spiritual revivals in the lives of many participants of the 2016 HICC.