Hope International Ministries

HIM Global Prayer 2017 (13-18 Feb)

Dear HIM Family,

A Wonderful new 2017 to you all!

I am thankful to the Lord for the year just passed, 2016. I believe the Lord has done many wonderful works among us and our churches as well. Let’s rejoice for what He’s done.

Once again, I am encouraging us to build altars of prayers to begin 2017, the new year. From Psalms 55: v16 and 17, David says, ” But I will call to God and the Lord saves me. Evening, morning and noon, I cry out in distress, and He hears my voice “.. As we often see, David was a man who called on the Name of the Lord often; and these verses reveal the cry of his heart in prayers.

So as we begin 2017 in Prayers, let us cry out to the Lord for His Victory. He will save us. Throughout the day, whatever the time – morning, noon and evening – we can call upon Him, and He will hear our voice; He will not be too busy to hear us. God is never too far away from us, His beloved children. He is a good, good Father. God delights in us coming to Him; what more, upon our knees, demonstrating our full surrender and dependence on Him.

Have a great start to 2017, in meaningful, prayerful, fellowship with our Lord. I’m sure all will go well with our souls, with our people and with our churches.

Check out the Fast & Prayer Calendar here.

Love from us,
Simon and Lai Eng