Hope International Ministries

Hope Taipei Annual Church Camp 2017

Hope Taipei held our annual church camp in August. We invited Ps. Lai Ling from Hope Brisbane Australia as our speaker. Adam and Doris from Hope Brisbane also came to join us. Over 20 brothers and sisters from Hope Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat ( Malaysia) and Hope Tokyo joined the camp. Altogether, around 100 delegates participated in the camp.


The theme of 2017’s camp is ‘Crossover’. We encouraged the participants to pre-study the Book of John to ignite their passion through the reading of the Word of God. The church was prepared for God to speak to His people to reveal greater things to Hope Taipei for us to crossover to a new realm.

Apart from the teaching by Ps. Lai Ling, there were workshops organized for various groups. We learned to apply the principle of God into our daily life more practically so that our lives become beautiful testimonies amongst our workplace, families and schools. 


Moreover, God used His servants, Ps. Lai Ling and her team to serve every participant one on one through impartations and/or prophetic ministry, which was a tremendously remarkable experience for Hope Taipei. Numerous brothers and sisters received comfort, encouragement and inspiration. This elevated our faith to believe God is going to manifest more of His presence to use Hope Taipei to complete The Great Commission.