Hope International Ministries

Hope Perth Turns 25!

All who joined us were greeted by our warm reception team and were invited to use their thumbs to paint leaves of a large canvas tree, as a symbol of our growth and unity. Before the service, which kicked off with enthusiastic praise by our talented music team, we had the opportunity to look upon our photo wall, which was filled with memories of Hope Perth church members past and present. This wall was also used to tell the story of the church, with the major milestones summarised for those unfamiliar with the beginnings and history of our church.

The Ablaze youth graced us with a celebratory dance performance, and Pastor Brendan blessed us with a message of hope and encouragement, as we reflected upon God’s grace bringing us this far, and continue to look forward to what He will do next.

At the end of the service, which was one of our highest attendances, we prayed and took part in a bountiful lunch, and a delicious cake which was all made by our talented members in the kitchen.


25 years has flown by and we can’t put in to words all that God has brought us through. As we continue to be thankful for His mercies, we eagerly anticipate humbly building the church for His glory.

Written by Kris Bather, Hope Perth