Hope International Ministries

HIM President’s Message: A Truly Global Family

Hi HIM family,

It’s great to be able to communicate with all of you again. I’m just feeling that God is really doing a wonderful work in our churches, in our people all over the world. Let me communicate about HIM, a truly global family. What is so wonderful about being in this global family? Let me share 3 aspects with every one of us.

Firstly, I see a uniqueness in what God has done in our movement. Unique because I see throughout all our Leaders, Pastors, Members a desire and a passion to fulfill the Great Commission. I see in our Pastors and our churches a united effort where we are focused on planting churches, on building our people and extending our movement, our family of churches right around many various parts of the world, and it’s unique. Many churches talk about it, many pastors talk about it, but there isn’t always that consistent same passion and effort, I want to commend every one of us for that.

The second aspect of a truly global family is about our diversity. You know we are in almost every continent of the world, we are in almost 60 countries of the world, we are in so many different cultures now, so many different languages now. But the beauty of these diversity is, even though we are so diverse, yet I see a unity of purpose, I see a unity whereby the cultures are able to work together because of the common purpose. I see a beauty where the diversity actually enables us to reach many more different cultures. You know it’s not easy to cross culture; it’s not easy for someone from another totally different culture to reach that other culture. But because we are so diverse, because we have so many different cultures, we are able therefore to expand into many different cultures now, that diversity is strength, that diversity is something unique as well, and I really praise God for that.

I share with us about this truly global family as in a beauty in the covenant of being together. I’ve been in this for 20 over years as I’ve said. One of the things that I’m truly blessed with is the fact that no matter where I travel, no matter who comes around in our meetings and in our churches, I see the beauty of this bond. The bond that binds us together, the bond that says we are more than just a Christian church, we are more than just Christian leaders, a bond that says we are there and we are dependable on one another. We are able to reach out to one another when there’s a need, we are able to go to someone for help when help is needed.

And this covenant, the beauty of it is, it reveals God’s real desire, it reveals God’s real heart that He wants His churches to be united, He wants His people to flow together in unity. So being in this truly global family, and being in that covenant challenges us to really move together, strengthen one another, support one another, being there for one another, being appreciative of the fact that I’m not alone, there’s someone out there who is ready to help me when I’m able to call for help or someone will reach out to me as well. So, HIM, I want to encourage us to continue to look forward with God in this truly global family that we are unique, we are in diversity, we are bonded together in that covenant.

God bless you all till I communicate and talk to you all again. Amen.

Ps Simon Eng 
HIM President