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Hope Kuching : Empower Conference 2019 “Crossover”

Life is a journey filled with lessons, hardships, opportunities, challenges, heartaches, joy and celebrations. Regardless of the seasons of life we are in and the battles we are fighting, God calls us to CROSSOVER from our current condition to where He wants us to be in Him!

The theme for this year’s Empower Conference (previously known as Bible Conference) is Crossover. Held on 4-5 May at Pullman Hotel Kuching, the Empower Conference 2019 welcomes 630 delegates (adults and kids) from 13 Hope Centres across Sarawak and Sabah (East Malaysia). We are blessed to have Ps Wilson Lim and Ps Lai Ling from Hope Church Brisbane as our guest speakers!

Although the conference spanned over only 2 days, it was a fruitful weekend to be in the presence of God and His people! The conference was a great opportunity to catch up and connect with our brothers and sisters from different services, locations and Hope centres. Many hearts are blessed, inspired and encouraged through the praise and worship, ministering and word that was delivered with much love, faith and conviction!

God crossed every chasm imaginable to reach us, from being Everything to Nothing. If Jesus crossed over far more, surely we can crossover what we are facing! Our prayer is that, we will respond and begin to act upon what we have received: to step out in faith as the Holy Spirit enables us, experiencing breakthroughs for our lives and ministry, and seeing greater works accomplished as we crossover with Christ, together in this faith journey!

A special note of thanks to all our amazing teams of volunteers and everyone who had prayed, loved and served in every area possible, both in the seen and unseen, big or small, making this conference amazing and a tremendous blessing for all who attended it!

Below are some of the testimonies from our delegates who shared about their conference experiences:

“I thank God that during the conference, He allowed me to witness some of those who are older than me but yet they are still filled with fullness of joy and love for God. I should learn more from the elderly!”

“I just love how the word of God spoke to the season of my life. Many people are mistaken and confused between their walk with God and the work with God. God does not need us to serve Him, what God wants is to let our weak and empty heart to be filled and transformed from inside (heart filled) out (soul winning). Often time, what we gain in the ‘process’ is even greater than the ‘result’…

“The message of the Good News delivered by Ps Wilson & Ps Lai Ling, and the manner in which I was personally inspired and convicted to step out of my comfort zone and find the greater thing(s) that which God has instilled in me.”

“The ministering. I felt empowered after somebody prayed for me (prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit) . The feeling is overwhelming. I felt something covered me during the prayer causing me to tremble and leaving me weak in the knee. It’s difficult to explain but it feels good and there is joy and peace after the prayer. God is good.”

“The content really touched my heart and inspired me more to crossover in this journey for God’s Kingdom.”

“Bagi pendapat saya, saya minat dan suka dengar pengkhotbah yang memberi semangat saya terus bangkit. Setiap yang dikongsi membuat hati saya tergerak dan lebih mengenali Tuhan.” 

“The preaching, praise and worship and the power of the conference. It prepared me for my first class in an unfamiliar environment the day after the conference.”

“The part on appreciating leaders and each other. Very emotional but constructive. Melted many hearts!”

By Hope Kuching