Hope International Ministries

Hope Philippines Annual Church Camp 2019

In April 2019, Hope Philippines’ Annual Church Camp themed “The Father’s Heart” was held in Tagaytay Country Hotel. The camp started on April 18, and lasted for 4 days, with the presence of our dear Pastor Soradej Meesangtham with his wife, Pastor Eunice Tan, and 2 guest speakers from Singapore: Pastor James Loke with his wife, Sis Christine Loke. There were a total of 443 attendees: 391 adults and 52 kids from different parts of the Philippines and a sister who came all the way from Middle East to celebrate the camp with us. Indeed, God is a great provider and way maker!

Despite the long and early travel on the way to the venue, the attendees were very much welcomed and in fact, they have seen the glimpse of the Father’s Heart through the shadow play presented during the opening. The camp began by singing and dancing for the Lord, and proceeded to the 1st lesson entitled, “Father Heart of God manifested by Jesus Christ”. Truly, God is a God who loves, relates, teaches the truth, provides, protects, heals, delivers, wants to see growth, cares, unites, practices fairness, and justice, corrects, and extends mercy. Pastor Soradej said, “The more we know Jesus, the more we’ll know the Father’s heart.” On that same day, they also discussed the 2nd lesson entitled, “Sons and daughters of God (Part 1)”. God’s love is intentional and unconditional. Pastor James said, “God reaches out to us with His love with no strings attached.”

God didn’t stop revealing Himself to His children, even until the Worship and Prayer Night, where people sang praises to the Father, and prayed like never before. One of the highlights of the night was the baptism of the Holy Spirit, where a lot of people received the gift from God.

On the second day, they started with a morning devotion on Mark 15:21-32. Then, they continued with the 3rd lesson entitled, “Sons and Daughters of God (Part 2)”, which focused on forgiveness. Sis Christine said, “Let go and forgive, and spend the energy walk in the spirit to build your future.” Moving on, the 4th lesson entitled, “Sheep and Shepherds”. The good shepherd protects, leads, guides, feeds, and knows the sheep. Pastor Eunice said, “The Word of God always brings us in the right path.” Indeed, the Father is pleased when His children declare that they are His and no longer the enemy’s. On that day, 27 souls decided to follow Jesus! The last lesson tackled on the same day was the 5th lesson entitled, “Soldiers in God’s army”.

 On the third day, the Inter Church Bible Quiz was held. Truly, it is wonderful and beneficial to ponder on God’s Word. Afterwards, they began with the 6th lesson entitled, “Bride of Christ”. God calls His people, His “Bride”. Pastor James said, “Hope is waiting for something that is surely going to happen.” At the middle of the day, there was an interview with the lovely couple, Pastor James and Sis Christine. The church not only saw their love for one another, but also to the Father. The last lesson in the camp is the 7th lesson entitled, “Bride of Christ in relation to the end-times”. Pastor James said, “To be the bride of Christ is the most beautiful thing that could happen to anyone.” Truly, it is a privilege!

 On the other hand, God was freely moving in the hearts of the children during the 3rd night, “A Night with the Father.” God came to comfort and embrace His children. Without doubt, God is a Father to all generations, even the young kids felt His undying love for all. Jesus not only died, but resurrected! Jesus is mighty, and He has defeated the grave! The church has experienced the resurrection power on that Easter Sunday. Jesus is powerful, and He will always be! Hallelujah!

Written by Therese Anne Cheng, Hope Philippines