Hope International Ministries

Driven by Christ Amidst the Waters

Written by Ps Moses Wan, Hope Kuala Lumpur

On 19 Dec 2021, Malaysia was badly affected by floods, particularly in the states of Selangor and Pahang. In some areas, the water level was between 10 to 12 feet. The effect was total devastation. It was like they were hit by a tsunami. Thousands of people were evacuated to relief centers. The aftermath of the floods was more heart-wrenching with some victims returning home to see their house “gone”.

Hope Kuala Lumpur (KL) responded to the situation by sending food aid to six families that we have contact with in Taman Sri Muda. While helping our existing contacts, the flood victims in that area came to ask for help from us. The next day, we sent food to 36 families in the same area. 

The situation around that area was utterly devastating. Many of them suffered a total loss in terms of their property. The church responded in faith by asking for donations to help the flood victims. The response was overwhelming. We managed to raise sufficient funds to buy necessary items within one week. The church bought a rice cooker, electric kettle, table, chairs, mattress, pillow, cutleries, towels, foods, school uniform and gave financial assistance etc. The church had the opportunity to bless around 80 families during this flood crisis. 

Many of them were surprised that the church helped them even though we hardly know them. Now, we are following up on them by visiting their home. Many of these families are ready to open their homes for us to start life groups and some of them have started visiting our church. 

We want to thank God for the churches, the NGOs, volunteers and donors for making a difference in their lives, touching lives one at a time. This is ministry driven by Christ’s love and compassion. All glory to God.