Hope International Ministries

Elder’s Message: Remain Focused

By Ps Simon Eng

Hi HIM Family! It’s wonderful again to be able to communicate after such a long time. I am thrilled in my heart to be able to share with you something I believe is very important. Our talk and our theme for this video is to share about how to remain focused. The emphasis is how to remain focused to get to 4G (4 Generations). I am very excited about 4G and I’ve seen it in my own life and ministry.

In order to really get there, you and I have to remain focused. During the COVID season, it is such a challenge for everyone to focus on what is the important area. You know, oftentimes, we are juggling so many different balls, our families are at home, our children are studying, and our jobs are so demanding. And so to focus and concentrate on a spiritual goal is challenging at this time. I am going to share with you how I am able to overcome this situation. How I remain focused to be able to do what I believe is our core DNA that is transforming lives, mentoring people to the potential that they can achieve in God.

When we illustrate a camera lens for example; for a camera to take a very clear picture, it has to be focused. It has to zoom in, it has to concentrate on that one area or that picture, in order to remain focused. I coined the ABCD of how to remain focused in mentoring the person and transforming and believing that God can do something more in their life. I’m going to call it A-B-C-D

The first is A. A is to set the Appointment. Set an appointment. Appointment means that you have to determine the date or the day. You have to determine the time and you have to put it on record in your phone, or your diary. Set that appointment. To achieve what you want to achieve, you have to make that appointment come to pass. Oftentimes we want to meet people, we want to set that appointment with our mentee, we get distracted because there are so many things. And so to focus requires us to set that appointment.

The second alphabet is B. B is to be a Blessing. Be a blessing. Every mentoring session, every time we desire to see something happen in someone’s life, I desire to share something, the content, the prayer or the Scripture; do that sharing as a blessing to them. I am not demanding anything, I am imparting. I am assuring that I am communicating a blessing to them. You know, when we do it as a blessing, the person desires to come back because they are being transformed, they are being touched, they are receiving something that is of value for their lives. I strongly believe that a healthy mentoring, a desire to transform a person starts with us really thinking about how I can be a blessing to this person and in this session together.

Next alphabet is C. C stands for being Consistent. You know when we are really serious about mentoring somebody, you have to be consistent. Consistent means that you do it regularly. Consistent means that you don’t allow yourself to be free for all; “If you’re free let’s meet, if I’m free let’s meet.” No. There will be too many things that will come and complicate the situation. Too many situations will cause us to be complacent. As a result, the inconsistency comes in; “When was the last time? When is the next time we are going to meet?” If you’re not consistent, you’re going to miss that time altogether.

The next final alphabet is D. D means being Disciplined. Make mentoring, make time to meet with your mentee, a DNA that is set in your life system. It becomes a discipline. As much as we discipline ourselves to exercise, as much as we discipline ourselves to get to work on time, as much as we do something that is important, mentoring and being able to meet with the person that we are concerned about, needs discipline. Non-discipline means that we are distracted. Non-discipline means that we are diverted. There are so many things that can take us away from being disciplined. I trust that you will set it as a part of your DNA in your life.

Finally, I just want to communicate from our HIM initiative. We have the book called The Heart of Mentoring by Ps Wilson; the booklet is coming out, the teaching videos are already coming out and they are on our Intranet. So, go to the Intranet. So, for all of you who are our pastors, there will be an email sent to you to tell you how to get these materials.

So folks, I just want to encourage us to really remain focused so that we can hit the mark, so that we can get to be fruitful and be effective. During this uncertain season, we can still be extremely focused and efficient for our Lord if you just practice the A-B-C-D, that I am telling you in the video. God bless you and see you again soon. Amen!