Hope International Ministries

Running the Race of Faith

This year, we are thrilled to welcome our Church’s 16th Anniversary celebration. We are delighted to have Ps Lai Ling to celebrate with us in person on Sunday 14 Nov 2021. Ps Lai Ling shared a message titled “Running the Race of Faith”. We thank Ps Lai Ling for joining our church anniversary celebration in person despite her busy life. We thank God’s love for connecting us as a family for the incredible 16 years and beyond. Over the last 16 years, we are delighted to see so many people coming to be part of this journey and how their lives have been touched and impacted by God’s love and have grown spiritually.

This year, we see more people join our family. Our generous giving from church members have impacted the lives of brothers and sisters who are struggling in Africa, India, and Afghanistan. We want to send our special thanks once more to all who have contributed toward our mission and all who have given their time and finance to advance the Kingdom of God. It is together that we grow more committed and more blessed in God’s love and light. We are looking forward to seeing more people joining our family to share God’s love and truth for many years to come. Let’s continue running the race of faith and grow together!