Hope International Ministries

HIM House of Prayer

By Ps Lai Ling

Hi HIM Family. I just want to invite you to our coming HIM House of Prayer for Nations for this year of 2022. You know we are living in very interesting seasons these days. And I want to invite you to join us in our monthly prayer.

You know when we humble ourselves and prevail in prayer, I believe there are many things that God can do as we pray. We’re asking the Lord to strengthen our brothers and sisters all across the world, in their localities, in their small groups, in their various churches in the different regions of the world. Asking the Lord to strengthen them and may they experience the spiritual support that comes through prayer.

We’re asking the Lord for amazing breakthroughs even through these times of prayer. And I believe that as we unite our hearts together, as we come together, the days will come when we will celebrate many many testimonies, to give glory to God for what He’s doing in our midst, in our HIM family. So really, let’s come prepared, 9.30 pm, Brisbane time (GMT+10), on the last Wednesday of each month and you can register for HIM House of Prayer through our HIM website.

I want to personally thank all of you who have been embarking on this journey together with me in 2021. I want to believe God that there will be more of us coming together to seek the Lord and knock on the door of Heaven until we see the Lord move upon the nations, in the lives of all our people in all the various regions and localities. God bless you HIM Family.