Hope International Ministries

Mirror Discipleship

Jesus preached the gospel to many but He chose to disciple a few. One-on-one discipleship was what Jesus did and prompted believers to do. Hope Africa has chosen to obey.

At the University of Zambia, a new campus ministry called CCM Ministry has been set up by Pastor Lance and Belle. Meanwhile, discipleship has been a crucial role in this ministry. 

In Africa, crusades are popular because of their wide reach. However, what distinguishes Hope from other missionaries, is the one-on-one discipleship. Through this, believers felt safe to discuss personal challenges, stay accountable, and observe how their mentors handled their struggles. After all, Jesus not only led crusades, but he also discipled a group of followers. Jesus led by the way He lived. 

However, during the time Belle was greatly tested with her consistency when a seller unjustly tripled the price of a truck they wanted to buy. Tempted to react in anger, Belle instead rallied the group to turn to God. She forgave him, knowing that her disciples were following her lead. 

“How can I teach you to love others if I can’t forgive this man who God loves so much that Jesus had died for him?” she said. 

Her disciples were shocked by her response and were inspired to do the same. Four months later, God provided them with a free truck and the ministry has grown to 30 people as leaders step out to lead as examples.