Hope International Ministries

Out of the Grave

Hope Kampar is a vibrant church with many youths and university students in Malaysia. On 20th June, the church conducted a water baptism for 6 members at Meadow Park, Kampar. Pastor Joshua Gan shared the significance of water baptism with the church members.

 “Water baptism is an act of obedience towards the command of Jesus. Our obedience is not on the ritual alone, but towards His teachings and other commands as well. As we immerse fully into the water, it symbolizes the complete works of Christ in our lives”.

Pastor Joshua Gan

Read on for a testimony by Athena Soong about her journey leading up to her water baptism.

Growing up, I was not exposed to Christianity very much as I was from a very traditional Chinese family. We were taught Buddhism teachings from a young age. I didn’t know who God was until a crucial turning point when I was in Form 4. 

During that time, I suffered from exam anxiety and voices constantly telling me that I’m always not good enough. On top of that, my relationship with my mum was really bad during that time because I thought that she couldn’t understand me. I didn’t feel loved. However, God was so wonderful. He revealed Himself to my mum in one of her prayers as she was seeking the one true God. Shortly after, my mum and I started attending church and we eventually reconciled with one another. 

Finally, I found the missing puzzle piece in my life–God. I no longer felt lonely, insignificant and insecure. I knew from the very first day I accepted Jesus as my Personal Lord and Savior that I’m already a child of God. I’m not saved by water baptism. However, it’s the public declaration of our faith in Jesus, telling the world that I’m now a follower of Christ! I am so glad that I decided to be water-baptized in Hope Kampar last month. It was an exciting moment for me, to die from my old self and resurrect as a new life in Christ! 

I knew from that very day onwards, my life belongs to Jesus! He loves me unconditionally and will continue to transform me to fulfill His great commission in this world. I will continue to leap forward in this new journey of faith.