Hope International Ministries

From Orphans to Sons

By Eugene Saw, Hope Church Canberra

The journey from Orphan spirit to Sonship is an integral building block in nurturing healthy, growing and strong disciples. We were delighted to have our church camp in May 2022 to celebrate renewed faith, refreshed convictions and authentic relationships! 

Anchoring on the camp theme “Orphan spirit to Sonship”, the church was equipped with insights and teachings about its importance being spiritual sons and daughters, the heart of Abba Father and how they all contribute to deep and lasting growth in our faith and ministries. 

We saw God move greatly and tangibly. We witnessed healings, prophecies, breakthroughs and fresh encounters with God. We also shared heartfelt stories and open and vulnerable testimonies that have greatly embedded our authentic and covenantal relationships. Indeed, walls have been broken in God’s loving and assuring presence! 

Through games, sports and workshops, this camp allowed us to forge friendships and learn from one another. This camp also drew a huge turnout from our church members, including many first time students, families and young adults. It was no surprise that newfound talent was also discovered through creative dance, skits and performances from every lifegroup!

It was heartening to see many were transformed and God’s house filled with sons and daughters! The church is family, not an orphanage!