Hope International Ministries

GLC23 is coming soon!

Hello, everyone, I’m Pastor Denis from Hope Kuching and this is my beautiful wife Pastor Hai Eng. We want to welcome you. And we are very excited to have you in Kuching for our first Global Leadership Conference after three and half years.

This Global Leadership Conference is going to be from the 3rd July until the 7th July, in Kuching, Malaysia. And we really are excited to have this physical gathering. And I wonder what is next?

On 3rd July, which is a Monday, we’re gonna start off with Pastors gathering where all the pastors and coordinators, and the church core team will be invited for this special gathering. Please come because you are specially invited.

Do you remember how we did in Bangkok in 2020? We went for a river cruise. The nice one! The memories are flowing back into my mind. I’m not going to tell you what’s coming up in Kuching, but we’d like you to join us then. So it’s a surprise!

What’s next is going to be the Global Leadership Conference 2023. And it is going to start on 4th July until 6th July. And it’s open to all the life group leaders and above. Besides that, what you’re going to find during this Global Leadership Conference is the plenary sessions, as well as long lunches where we can fellowship and connect with different ones.

This time round, we’re going to leave the program open after 5:30pm for you to connect and relate with anyone that you’d like to catch up with. You can go shopping together, you can go for dinner together. You can do anything else, go for a run together, go to the waterfront together. That would be really fun. On top of that, on the last evening, 6th July, we’re going to have a special celebrative dinner, make sure you’re there. Don’t fly off early.

What else can you do on Friday, 7th July? For this round, we make it very special for you, where we are going to give you a few optional activities where you can join in. One of which will be a collaboration with Hope Place where you can join the team for various activities. Come and join us for food delivery, house cleaning and even help us to sort out pre-loved items. Do sign up and other ones will be coming up later on when more information will be made available through our social media and various platforms. Stay tuned and see you then.

Did you know that during Jesus’ time, Jesus actually participated in all the Jewish festivals together with His parents? And we remembered when our son was young, we used to bring him to all the Global Leadership Conference with us. And when he grew up, he told us that he had learned so much from all the different uncles, aunties, gorgor (elder brothers), cheche (elder sisters) and everyone that he mixed around with. And he made friends with everyone that is in the conference from all around the world.

And this round, I would like to invite you together with your family, your children to come to this particular conference because we have a special programme ready for them. We’re going to outsource this whole children’s programme, which will include visits to the fire department, visit to different places. And we are going to also have a session where the children are going to make their own dinner. It’s going to be very interesting. So bring your kids, sign up for the children’s programme, and we’ll see you.

As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

Last but not least, to help you to plan ahead, registration will start on 1st November. And we’re going to release information on the adults registration, children registration and a special group of under 25 year-olds registration on that date through the website and the registration details will be emailed to your pastors. So meanwhile, take note that there is a special rate for a limited time only and limited seats available. So what do you do next?

I think that the next thing you should do is to save up and to start praying and also to start to rally your leaders for GLC23.

1st November. Check the website. Remind your pastor. Get your registration done as soon as possible! See you!