Hope International Ministries

Streams in the Desert

by Ps Lance Wolter

We’d like to tell you what it’s like when we try to do our different outreach. In the beginning, we said to reach out and we came up against resistance. It actually looked quite difficult in the beginning. So we prayed about it, we asked God, etc. and God seemed to lead us to the path of connecting with a particular person.

And when we spoke to them, we were able to identify that there were some unmet expectations that hadn’t been met and were able to meet those. And thankfully it all turned around fairly fast. Now, when the day actually happened, we were surprised that so many people came. As I was walking around the crowd, we saw some of the most amazing things.

It was like a pop up out of the Book of Luke. And funny thing was that just exactly how Zacchaeus climbed the tree to listen in to what Jesus was. We found all these children climbing the trees to get a better view and watch the movie from their local councilors. That works for the government. I was chatting to him and he was really touched.

He said that it was so special for the people to hear the gospel message in their own language and even more special that they could see Jesus speaking in the local language in that area. And that was very special to see that. When it came time to minister to people, we were so excited.

We had a team coming down from the university, the university, Zambia, which we trained up in, how to pray for the sick with, train them up and had a minister and how to lead people to Christ. So it was really exciting that when we had the opportunity to ask people to respond, we already had a team and the team that ran to the front was ready to pray for those that were wanting to receive Christ.

For most of our team, this was their first time praying for the sick. Their first time seeing first hand miracles. My wife prayed for several people. She saw two miracles on the day, and most of the team got to see at least one miracle each. For most of the team, that was the highlight.

We were handing out the food to the crowd. It literally felt like the scene where Jesus was handing out the food to the 5000 we were handing at the food to the 2000 and the people were so focused on the movie that they had the bread in one hand and then they had the water in the other and they were just glued to the screen watching everything that was happening on the screen.

And that was just so special to see that happening. But on top of that, it was very special because we were able to build relationships with over 20 headmen and think it’s 22 or 24 headmen, which are like the chiefs for each village. And that’s special because that has become an open door now. Even some of our team themselves had grown up in similar areas and they had been in the past recipients of other teams coming to minister to them and I feel like it had gone full circle now.

Now. So it’s really wonderful to be part of something that God is doing. And we want to thank you for your prayer and your support. We want to thank you for your courage. But we think of those people that have also been financially contributing because that really helps pay for all these wonderful things that we want to get to do for God’s special people.