Hope International Ministries

Hope Haugesund Turns 15

On October 2nd 2022, we celebrated Hope Haugesund Church’s 15th Anniversary. We kicked off the celebration with the Children Ministry presenting their song offering entitled “A gift to you”. Indeed, it blessed our hearts seeing them singing with such meaningful lyrics,  ”Every song I sing, Every praise I bring, Everything I do, Is a gift to you.” 

Our next gen also gave us a special number. For the very first time, they had their own band, helped by a few adults. They sang the song entitled “Who you say I am”. We have received many feedback from our guests on how blessed they were, how they enjoyed the anniversary and how the word of God  which was delivered by Pastor Steve, entitled “Seekers of God”, impacted and touched them. 

We give God all the glory, honor and praise and we are looking forward to more years to come and experience the faithfulness and goodness of God in Hope Haugesund Church.