Hope International Ministries

Storm-Moving Faith

by Belle Wolter

Hello, everyone. My name’s Belle and this is Lance, Happy New Year! This is our first mission video since the new year of 2023, and we are absolutely excited about what God is doing based on the history that He had built with this last year. He did extraordinary things and we would love to share that with you, you know, last year. 

I had an incredible experience in October, we had a presbytery, as many of you know. And these prophets had prophesied (who don’t know me), had prophesied over me that I would control the weather. I believe that you’re going to have an ability to change weather systems. God is going to teach you to partner with the wind and to change weather systems.

And I believe you’re actually going to prophesy to bring transformational change to the weather systems of the nation and actually some of the nations of Africa. And I believe that you will actually be able to say we need rain or we need this or we need that. And you’ll be able to say to people around you, we will pray and our God will do that, and it will actually become a sign and a wonder and it will become a signpost for the goodness of God.And it’s obviously the goodness and kindness of God that will draw men unto repentance. 

We go in, we went in and showed the Jesus film. But just before we showed the Jesus film, there were storm clouds gathering. And so I did my thing. I held my hand to the storm and I was like, in the name of Jesus, this time I don’t just say, stop it. I say, “Stop it in the name of Jesus”. And so we did that and the clouds actually started to move away. And then we started to proceed with the program. And just before the film started, it literally started to rain. We had thousands of dollars worth of equipment to get those trucks out there with sound and speakers and all of that.

It literally started to rain every time I prayed. but it would thunder. There was a significant moment where I was discouraged and I was like, people were running away and, you know, but they were watching this white Wazungu lady. What is she doing? You know? And I just kept holding my hand up to the storm defiantly. When it’s raining on you, the circumstances are not really looking like what the prophecy said.

It can really either move you or you move it. And so we contended. And then there was a moment, I don’t have it on camera, thank God. But I just went absolutely ballistic at this storm. Looked extremely unprofessional. Jesus we pray for the storm to stop right now, in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus, we command the rain to stop. No.

I just went nuts at this storm, and I said, “You’ve got to go!” It wasn’t pretty. Anyway, the precipitation obeyed. And then it was passing and we were like, “Praise God, it’s passing”. We rebuked the storm, we thought, “Yeap, all good”. And then it started to spin. Then we pressed in, and then it started to stop again. And then we stopped praying then it started to pour down. And then we just all started contending and breaking witchcraft off the land.

We started breaking off the curse of the land. We started declaring that this was Jesus’s land. And I just started repenting and just saying, Lord, if there is any sin in me, if there’s any sin in the land. You know, I felt this impression we just don’t give up, and I was like, I will not give up, we will smash against this storm. You know what you can hear in the background right now is you can hear everybody gathering around watching the Jesus film now. Now we’re going for the gospel, then we’re going to feed them, then we’re going to bless them with Christmas gifts.

But God has done the most ultimate blessing. And He stopped the storm right in front of us. After the storm, I just felt like the Holy Spirit said, “Now start praying for miracles”. So I said, Okay, come up the blind, the deaf, anyone with HIV, anyone demon oppressed, anyone that’s a witch, get them saved in Jesus name. And we’ve just seen an outpouring of miracles, after the clouds have shifted.

And I basically just said, “The same God that has given you a miracle that we’ve all seen with our own eyes when the storm has stopped and passed over.” 

I came away from that miracle going, how many times have I just allowed circumstance to make me feel like giving up? And then I just missed a miracle. I missed the opportunity because I didn’t activate and respond in violent faith.

The event was attended by approximately 1000 people, who were treated to a variety of activities including the screening of the Jesus Movie, drama and dance performances, gospel preaching, and food and gift distribution within the community.

The team’s efforts were well received, and around 600 children received Christmas gifts with great joy and delight. Despite challenging weather conditions, a dangerous thunderstorm rolled in to disrupt the presentation of the gospel. The team stood in faith to pray and believe God for the storm be driven back. Praise God for a few hundred people accepted Christ at this outreach event.