Hope International Ministries

Complete and Whole

On 18th September 2022, HIM Chiang Mai celebrated its 32nd Anniversary with the theme “Krob Sam Sib Song”, which is a Thai idiom meaning “complete and whole”. The house was packed with over 700 people in attendance from nine centers in Chiang Mai; HIM Sansai, HIM Phuping, HIM Maejo, HIM Lamphun, HIM Sanpatong, and HIM Hangdong, HIM Doi Saket, HIM Saraphi and HIM Mae Rim. It was themed with the colorful pastel style of the Northern region’s beautiful natures reflecting how the Lord has blessed and given life and growth to the church.

The worship experience was filled with the move of the Holy Spirit. The atmosphere was full of great joy, triumphant spirit, and grateful hearts for the work of the Lord in and through our lives. The word of God preached by the special guest, our national elder and senior pastor of Acts of Christ Church Bangkok, Pastor Kobchai Chirathivat, was powerful and touched lives. This resulted in over 20 first-time guests responding to the message and accepting Jesus into their lives at the end of the morning service. 

After lunch, we had an open house program where we enjoyed several fascinating performances and shows from representatives of different homogeneous groups of people all across our nine centers. Afterward, Pastor Chuchart Chaisombat, the president of HIM Thailand and senior pastor of HIM Chiang Mai, casted a vision for further boundaries and greater influence, calling and challenging the congregation to live for the advancing of the gospel, disciple-making, leadership training, and upcoming new church plants and location expansions. 

We closed our day in the evening with a warm and enjoyable buffet dinner featuring various kinds of delicious Thai food and sweets prepared by the best chefs from all our nine centers. During the dinner party, the youth and kids also enjoyed many fun activities and games in the games zone.

HIM Chiang Mai is looking forward to advancing the Kingdom of God, making lasting impact through the gospel of Christ, and championing the cause of the local church in our city, our region, our country, and beyond