Hope International Ministries

15 Years of Journeying Together

On the 25-27th November 2022, Hope Kampar celebrated its 15th anniversary-cum-family camp. With COVID-19 these past few years, this celebration has not only revived our relationships with Christ, but with the body of Christ as a whole. We celebrate God’s goodness and witness His hand over us throughout all the years.

15 years passed by in the blink of an eye. Tracing back to the roots of Hope Kampar, we can only stand amazed at how God started His work through one woman who chose to answer His call. From small groups with attendance numbers within the count of ten fingers to a full house on Saturday services, Hope Kampar has come a long way since then, becoming a place of growth and maturity in Christ and most importantly, a ‘home’ for many from all over Malaysia. We had the opportunity to have Pastor Kit Siang from Hope Serdang who commissioned the team to explore the land of Kampar in 2006 to share with us on the last day.

2022 is significant for Hope Kampar as it marks our 15th year and the year we host our first camp post-pandemic. Our family camp accommodated a total of 107 participants and was held in Chefoo Methodist Centre in Cameron Highlands. Lives were touched, relationships were bonded and testimonies were shared. One sister in particular shared about how she came to know Christ through the warmth Hope Kampar has extended to her. Her story is an attestation: that when the love of Christ is in us, it radiates from inside out to others and transforms lives. 

Rather than focusing on finishing the agenda on the schedule, we focused more on the journey together and creating unity among us. The activities, sermons and bonding sessions encouraged the synergy across the different generations despite the diversity of age groups, ranging from young toddlers to university students to golden eagles. This camp has strengthened the very core of Hope Kampar – the family spirit in the church. We give thanks to God for bringing us together and we are delighted to have welcomed 24 new members into our midst.

We also celebrate faithfulness. Not only do we celebrate the faithfulness of God in sustaining and expanding our church in the small town of Kampar, but we also celebrate our members who have been around for more than 5 and 10 years, who have been serving faithfully.

With God as our chief shepherd and master, we look to Him and we look forward in expectation for the miracles and wonders He is about to do in the church. We hope and pray that more may experience the love of Christ through the church and its people in the days to come.