Hope International Ministries


by Eugene Saw, Hope Canberra

It is without a doubt that being unified in faith, filled with the Holy Spirit and the call to exude zeal and passion in worship and prayer are evident attributes of Hope Canberra. We were grateful to come together to have our church camp over the Canberra Day weekend from 11-13 March 2023, anchoring on the theme #LOUDER. 

This camp has allowed us to grasp the importance of living out our faith in today’s world, and how we can be powerful Christ-followers through exercising our faith in prayer, worship, outreach and evangelism. We also had the great opportunity to have workshops targeting different age groups, a Leaders Panel that featured different life group leaders sharing their growth journeys,  a campfire and life group performances. Our Kids were also blessed with engaging and fruitful programs. 

One key highlight of the camp was our ministering night. Everyone came together in a unified voice to worship God. There was a tangible presence of God in the room. We witnessed healings, prophecies, breakthroughs, fresh encounters and renewed convictions. It was evident that everyone was in total yieldedness towards God. Many of us were baptized by the Holy Spirit too! After the camp, we continue to hear testimonies of courageous faith, increased freedom and expression in our worship and how we are used as vessels to bless those around us.

Through games, sports, activities and meals, this camp allowed us to forge friendships and to know one another deeply. This camp also drew a huge turnout from many first time students, families and young adults. It was no surprise that a creative element of our church was discovered through media production, life group skits and games! Kudos to everyone who contributed to the camp in different capacities and made it a roaring success! 

It was heartening to see many were recharged, encouraged and in expectation for the next camp!