Hope International Ministries

CCM Conference 23: Anchored

Each and every one of us has a legacy! Live for Christ!” Jason Chia said on the first evening of our CCM Conference 2023: Anchored. We had 240 participants come for a 3-day and 2-night long conference, eager to see how God was going to move.

The aim of this year’s conference was to inspire and challenge young adults and university students to live up to a Christlike character, not to be confused with mere morality, but through faith in Christ, so that they may be spurred to disciple the students on university campuses.

Each session delved deeper into what it looked like to be anchored in Christ, to have an unwavering devotion to God. We kicked off the first night with Jason Chia sharing on the legacy we must live for Christ before Kelvin powerfully shared on how we can seize moments to be faithful. We then separated into separate gendered sessions that empowered and encouraged us in what purity looks like. The Saturday evening session touched on the process behind walking into His greater purposes for us and to persevere before the breakthrough comes. We concluded the sessions with Pastor Lai Ling imparting the heart of forgiveness and not letting anything hinder us from receiving God’s grace and pouring out the same grace to others.

In addition to the sessions, we had a time for fun and games to build fellowship across different campuses and create even deeper and more meaningful friendships throughout the weekend. We heard testimonies  on how God had moved that weekend, including 19 water baptisms on Saturday morning and many hearts spurred to make decisions for Christ and understand what it means to have an unwavering devotion to God.