Hope International Ministries

Hope Sabah Fest 2023: ALIGNow

From 22nd April to 24th April, Hope Kota Kinabalu hosted Hope Sabah Fest in the city.  The theme was “ALIGNow,” encouraging 200 plus attendees to align their lives with God’s plan and purpose for them.

It’s wonderful to have many other church centres join Hope Sabah Fest. We had Hope Sandakan, Hope Lahad Datu, Hope Labuan, Hope Keningau, Hope Kretam, Hope Tawau participating. It provided a great opportunity for people to fellowship and connect after the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference also served as a reminder of the importance of community and how we are stronger when we come together.

The festival had a range of programs to cater to all ages and interests. The kids’ program was a hit with the little ones, providing fun and engaging activities while teaching biblical values. Fifteen of the kids have accepted Jesus into their life! 

The workshops were conducted by 11 speakers sharing their insights and knowledge on various topics such as personal worship, grooming, marriage, and parenting. Attendees were able to gain valuable insights and practical advice to apply to their lives.

The Worship Night was a truly powerful experience, with worship teams leading the congregation into the presence of God. It was a time of surrender and reflection, reminding everyone of the goodness of God and his unending love for us.

The sharing session by Ps Denis was another highlight of the festival. He shared his testimony and experiences, encouraging attendees to seek God and align their lives with his plan for them. Many were touched by his words, and two tertiary students accepted Christ as their Saviour.

The festival was a tremendous success, with many people ministered to and encountering God in a powerful way. It was a testament to the power of coming together as a community and seeking God’s presence. Let us continue to align our lives with God’s plan and purpose for us, and be a light to the world around us.