Hope International Ministries

Only Believe

“Only Believe” Conference was a powerful time of apostolic teaching and prophetic impartation for Hope Adelaide. Our lead pastors Brendan and Helen Kirby had the privilege of hosting Apostle Jerry Stott and his wife Julie from the Foursquare Movement international (FMI) and itinerant minister Prophet John Tiplady. 

The conference was extraordinary compared with all the conferences our church has had before. There was a reverent attitude of peace, holiness, worship, and hunger for God. 

We had record attendances over 3 days and 4 nights!  Many stayed back for our 2nd Sunday service at 11:30am as people were hungry more. The spirit of community was palpable after each session.  Most people stayed back for the sumptuous meals each day to fellowship!

Below are some of sermon topics which were inspirational and full of miraculous stories: 

  • Only Believe 
  • 7 keys to receive a miracle 
  • God can move mountains 
  • God wants to give us His very best! 

Through the conference, we were encouraged to believe God has more in store for our church.  Ps Jerry prophesied that Hope Church is at the threshold of a visitation from the Lord.  We are praying that we will obediently and faithfully step into new avenues of provision and breakthrough, and come to a season of greater fruit and a move of the Holy Spirit in Jesus name! 

We are also praying as part of HIM, our movement will also continue to see more growth, multiplication, maturity and impact! 

You are all welcome to our next year’s conference—SOAR 2024 in Adelaide, until then, here is to a year of MORE!