Hope International Ministries

God’s Evident Love

The Bible Conference took place at JJ Mall over two days, on September 16th and 17th, 2023. This two-day event was filled with joy and blessings from the Lord, centered around the theme of ‘Love.’ Approximately 1,400 members of HIM Bangkok gathered joyfully at the venue during that weekend.

The lessons were thoughtfully organized over the two days, covering two to three chapters each day. On the first day, we delved into ‘God’s Love’ and ‘Communities that Receive Love from God.’ In the latter part of the day, we ventured out in groups to share the gospel with nearby communities, specifically in the Chatuchak area where the JJ building is located.

On the second day, we focused on understanding the role of the Holy Spirit and fostering a culture of love within the church, split into two parts. We also had a real-life case study presented about the ‘Baan Mun Kong community,’ where ACTS members had come together to share the love of Christ by teaching the children living there. The impact reached tens of lives, including their parents and other community members. We continue this good work, as the gentle yet powerful love of God can transform attitudes and shape the future. It was truly inspiring to hear about their experiences and see the smiling faces in the activities through the slide presentations and live interviews of our beloved brethren, who carry out these actions with unconditional love, reflecting the character of Jesus Christ.

The ‘Love’ of the Lord was visibly translated into action, evident in the joy, fun, and dedication displayed throughout these two days. Expressing love has now become a norm for all of us in the HIM Thailand family. As recipients of this love, we are now eager to become senders, sharing the love of God from our community with others in our country and around the world. The Bible Conference will be held at various regional locations throughout Thailand, starting with HIM Bangkok. Amen!