Hope International Ministries

Pearls of Faith

A tiny, insignificant grain of sand, when housed in an oyster over time, transforms into one of the most valuable gems of all—the Pearl. Similarly, we all started as grains of sand, and through God’s journey with us, today, we are thoroughly equipped for every good work.

This is the cause for celebration as our church marks its 30th Anniversary! Alongside 250 ‘pearly’ lives, we celebrate all the good things in this journey together.

The evening commenced with a sumptuous buffet dinner where we enjoyed each other’s presence over the ‘6th love language’—food. The atmosphere heightened with quizzes on Hope Johor Bahru’s history, rewarding the winners with shopping vouchers.

The worship team then led us into the presence of God—thanksgiving and gratefulness filled the air as we reflected on 30 years of His love, kindness, and goodness. Throughout the night, families were honored with the testimonies of five members on their journey in this vision. Though each story is different, they all pointed to the Faithful One who started it all in their lives.

Taking advantage of the fact that this was our very first gathering on such a scale since the pandemic, Pastor Kwong Lie exhorted the large congregation on the importance of the church—the final tool that God uses to touch and transform the world before His return.

We want to be a part of this glorious plan of His, as we believe that in the years to come, “THERE IS MORE.”