Hope International Ministries

Celebration of Great Faith

Thanks be to God for the victorious celebration of Hope Madrid’s Church 7th Anniversary with our theme “Faithfulness”.  God is indeed faithful to us. As we remain faithful to Him, then He surely empowers us to fulfil His wonderful plan and purpose in our lives.  It was so heart touching to see how united Hope Madrid’s family is, how they have remained faithful to God despite the challenges in ministry and how they worked harmoniously together for the celebration. 

People were blessed from praise and worship at the end of the celebration and especially with word of God  “Great Faith” that was shared by our guest preacher, Pastor Steve Mark Mondala from Hope Norway. People were also inspired as they heard the heart moving testimony by Sis Nahjala Gagala from being unbeliever with many questions in life and doubting God’s existence to being a God-loving born again Christian believer and a faithful member of Hope Madrid’s worship team now. 

Many visitors came forward during the altar call for prayer and many accepted Christ as their Saviour. Indeed, it was a victorious and spirit-filled anniversary celebration. As we press on with God’s ministry in Hope Madrid, we look forward to more of God’s faithfulness and mighty works in our lives and to His church. All glory belongs to Him.