Hope International Ministries

Gospel Across the Nation

On the 15th day of October, Hope Cabuyao celebrated its 15th Anniversary, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The occasion was a testament to God’s goodness and His mighty work throughout the years. This Sunday was truly special and glorious, as more than 220 congregants came together, each adorned in their cultural costumes, for this worship service. Members of the church of various ages willingly offered their services to welcome and usher in the attendees. The praise and worship segment reflected God’s goodness and gave Him the highest glory as we worshipped Him.

A compilation of different outreach initiatives, which have touched the lives of many with the Gospel across various locations nationwide, was also showcased. This inspired the congregation to become an integral part of God’s work wherever they are. The chairperson urged everyone to continue giving their lives to the work of God, leaving an encouraging message that even when we can’t give much, God can do much with it.

We also witnessed powerful testimonies from a couple who had once experienced their lowest season, losing everything. However, they remained steadfast in their trust and faith in God despite the challenges. Through their unwavering faith and willingness to respond to God’s call, everything was ultimately restored by God. Subsequently, they began a ministry and led three Life Groups, even birthing another house church in one of the cities in the Metro. Their journey serves as a testament that no matter how difficult the situation, God works in the lives of those who trust Him, using them to expand His Kingdom and fulfill His purpose.

Our Hope Kids showcased their talents in dancing while wearing traditional Filipino costumes, conveying their commitment to building God’s kingdom. To make the celebration even more special, we had a guest preacher, Ps Larry Cabero from Hope Bacoor, who delivered an empowering message on “Gearing Up to Transform Lives Everywhere.” He encouraged the church to operate with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to realize God’s vision and become a true blessing for the Church and co-mission, serving out of love. As the apostle Paul emphasized in our main passage, everything is meaningless without love. It is the church’s desire and devotion to align with the heart of God as we serve and become vessels for transforming the lives of many with the Gospel of Christ.

It is only by the grace of God that His work continues through Hope Cabuyao. No matter what challenges we face, God is still in the business of transforming lives everywhere. Through His abundant blessings, we, too, can be a blessing to others by spreading the Gospel, making Jesus known, and transforming lives wherever we go!