Hope International Ministries

Uniting the Region

On 27 January 2024, Hope Europe 1 (HE1) held its first-ever regionwide core team meeting, bringing together more than 60 life group leaders, pastors, and ministry coordinators from three nations. This diverse group of people hailed from various locations, including Leeds, Malton, Hatfield, Newcastle, London, Milton Keynes, as well as Haugesund and Madrid, together with leaders of the online community, called Hope Remote.

The meeting commenced with Pastor Eldos from Hope Hatfield extending a warm welcome to all participants, emphasising the significance of being part of a larger family of churches. In breakout rooms, leaders shared their personal journeys with Christ and how they became a part of HIM family. Additionally, they reflected on the highlights of 2023 and discussed the breakthroughs they hoped to achieve in their local churches in 2024.

The attendees were further inspired by Gemma and Carissa, who shared pioneering stories from Hope Haugesund and Hope Malton, highlighting both the joys and challenges they faced. They also discussed how faith in the Lord and His vision for their churches helped them persevere through difficulties. Gail, who moved from Leeds to London last year, shared insights into Hope London’s recent transition to public meetings and their commitment to the Great Commission as the group continued to grow.

The gathering also featured a session by HE1 Regional Pastor, Pastor Prakich, who delivered teaching on leadership. He stressed the importance of loving others, leading by example, exercising authority with humility, and making objective and wise decisions.

Before the meeting concluded, participants split into breakout groups once more to share about their respective ministries and pray for one another. This first Hope Europe 1 core team meeting marked a significant milestone for the region, fostering a sense of unity and shared vision among the participants.